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Dr. Silverman Named Leader in Dentistry by Dentistry Today

Dr. Harvey N. Silverman, DMD
Cosmetic Dentist & Developer of numerous tooth whitening, bonding, and veneer systems

Dr. Harvey Silverman, Cosmetic Dentist
Dr. Harvey Silverman, DMD

When Experience Counts
Dr. Harvey Silverman has always believed that the best dentistry is the least dentistry as well as "the least invasive dentistry". To help accomplish that goal he refined and developed some of the early tooth bonding systems in the early 1980's. In 1983 Dr. Silverman pioneered the original minimal/no tooth preparation porcelain veneer system. In 1987 he opened one of the first smile spas in the United States and has spent over 20 years inventing/refining today's same day smile transformation using EasySmile. In the early 1990's Dr. Silverman patented/invented one of the original OTC tooth whitening systems that started the OTC tooth whitening category. Today Dr. Silverman continues to pioneer many innovative whitening and veneer systems that allow patients to have more self confidence in their smile, typically without shots or drilling. Below are just a few examples of his pioneering work. Dr Silverman is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry and is a Member and Fellow of the American Society of Dental Aesthetics. Click here.

Turn Your Smile from Dull to Dazzling

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Pioneer, Educator and Innovator in Cosmetic Dentistry


Building your cosmetic dentistry practice with EasySmile

Why your New Years' resolution should be to learn more about the Easy Smile LifeLike Veneer System.


Dr Silverman Honored as Top Columnist in Cosmetic Dentistry for his series on Same Day Smile Makeovers in Dental Products Report

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New Web Series: The 10 Minute EasySmile Makeover - Natural-Looking Veneers

Dentistry Today Honors Dr. Harvey Silverman Consulting Leader for 2013

Dentistry Today Names Dr Silverman As A Leader In Cosmetic Dentistry For 2014

Dr. Silverman was honored to be included as a leader in Cosmetic Dentistry for 2014.

Dentistry Today Honors Dr. Harvey Silverman Consulting Leader for 2013

For the Sixth Year in a Row, Dentistry Today Names Dr Silverman As A Leader In Dentistry For 2013

Dr. Silverman was named a Consulting Leader for 2013 in the United States by Dentistry Today.


Read Dr. Silverman's latest article The Same Day Smile Makeover in Dental Products Report

Read the final article in this series to learn how recent advances in dental technology can help your patients have a more self-confident smile in one easy visit. See part one for a video of Dr. Silverman discussing the Same Day Smile Makeover with radio personality Trapper Jack.


Dr.Silverman is the author of: Best Cosmetic Dentistry Practices in Dental Products Report

and the author of Silverman On Smiles in Dentistry Today

and the author of How To Become Recognized As THE Cosmetic Dentist In Your Community in The Wealthy Dentist

and the author of the White Paper on Cosmetic Dentistry (for the Academy of General Dentistry and CareCredit


Inventor Of The Original OTC Tooth Whitening System


Dr Harvey Silverman - Inventor of One of the Original Over The Counter Tooth Whiteners

In 1993 the Tooth Whitening Explosion began. However, you may not know about the role that Cleveland had in creating megawatt smiles throughout the United States and overseas. After Dr. Harvey Silverman invented and patented the countries first OTC tooth whitening system that allowed consumers to whiten their teeth at home, Vanna White endorsed Dr. Harvey Silverman's whitener and through the use of infomercials everyone wanted to have a perfect smile! Dr. Harvey Silverman directed the testimonials used on the informercials and featured many of his patients from Cleveland.

Tooth Whiteners

Dr. Harvey Silverman Educates Dentists About Tooth Whitening

In 1992 Dr. Harvey Silverman published an article in a popular dental journal informing the dental profession of his breakthrough, patented tooth whitening system. The following year his infomercial with Vanna White hit the airwaves and created consumer demand for tooth whitening throughout the world. So the next time someone flashes you a bright smile, remember that Cleveland had an important role in whitening smiles! Read Article

Tooth Whiteners

Developer of Numerous Whiteners And Cosmetic Dentistry Systems

Dr Silverman has helped create numerous tooth whitening systems that have brightened countless smiles throughout the globe.  Additionally, Dr. Silverman has been recognized by dental and marketing professionals for his knowledge, creativity, and innovation in cosmetic dentistry. Click here and see if you recognize any of these whiteners and to read some of the thank you notes!

Developer of the Original Porcelain Veneer System


Magical Smiles with Porcelain and Composite Bonding by Dr. Harvey Silverman

Read two of the many seminar invitations sent to dentists throughout the country in the spring of 1984 where Dr Silverman introduced the concept of doing minimally invasive/no drilling porcelain veneers to the dental profession. Today porcelain veneers are considered to be one of the gold standards of providing cosmetic restorative dentistry.  


Dr Harvey Silverman Helps Develop The Original Porcelain Veneers

In 1982 Dr. Harvey Silverman embarked on a mission to teach dentists how to provide revolutionary tooth bonding technologies and thus reduce the need to destroy healthy teeth using traditional methods such as crowns and fillings. This memo (written in 1984) by the IPCO Corp., the first national dental laboratory to provide porcelain veneers to dentists, addressed Dr. Harvey Silverman’s desire to help dentists learn how to provide more cosmetic dental services, even after dentists attended his symposiums.Read Memo


Dr Harvey Silverman Teaching Dentists Smile Make-Overs at Continuing Education Programs

In 1983 Dr. Harvey Silverman was asked to pioneer the porcelain veneer system on behalf of the IPCO Dental Laboratories where they asked him to teach this technology to dentists throughout the country. Today, nearly every dentist offers porcelain veneers; but you may not have know about Dr. Silverman’s role in pioneering this innovative technology. Clevelanders were eager to help Dr. Harvey Silverman develop this new smile enhancement system as far back as 1983, which is now featured on television programs throughout the country. Thank you Cleveland! Read Article


Programs Educate Patients About Dentistry

Not only does bonding help give people a million dollar smile, it requires no shots or drilling, making it ideal for nervous patients. This article was published in December, 1984 in Dentistry Today as Dr. Harvey Silverman encouraged the dental profession to move beyond drill and fill dentistry and utilize technologies that could reshape smiles without unnecessary destruction of healthy tooth structure. Read Article


Dr. Harvey Silverman Develops Cosmetic Dental Systems For The Dental Profession

In 1983 the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry came out with its premier issue. Dr. Harvey Silverman was asked to write an article to help dentists change their mindsets from being exclusively disease oriented to cosmetic as well! Many of the bonding procedures that revolutionized dentistry were developed here in Cleveland thanks to the patients of Dr. Silverman who participated in his clinical trials. Read Article

Inventor of EasySmile


Pioneer Of Extreme Dental MakeOvers

Dr Harvey Silverman always believed that dramatic smile transformations (with bonding and veneers) could change his patient's dental appearance and provide them with added self confidence. Click here to view his role in pioneering Extreme MakeOvers (without shots or drilling) done in the 1980's - as documented in dental publications and through his lecture series to the dental profession. Today Dr Silverman continues to inspire his colleagues to look at the impact a smile has on their patient's overall appearance.

Dr Lehman

Hear What Other Dentists Are Saying about the Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry's EasySmile

In a recent e-mail blast, Dr. Stephen Lehman shares with his patients the benefits of the LifeLike Veneer System and credits Dr. Silverman as the inventor/developer of this amazing breakthrough technology.

Smile News

The LifeLike Veneer Breakthrough

Smile makeovers, once thought to be exclusive for the rich and famous in Hollywood are making its impact on working men and women in Main Street USA. Click here to read article. 

New Cases

New EasySmile Photos

See how you can change your smile into one of your best assets - without shots or drilling and in only one visit. Click here

View Additional Case Studies by Dr. Harvey Silverman

Leader in Dental Continuing Education Programs

Dentistry Today Honors Dr. Harvey Silverman Consulting Leader for 2011

Dentistry Today Names Dr Silverman Once Again As A Leader In Dentistry For 2012

Dr. Silverman was named a Consulting Leader for 2012 in the United States by Dentistry Today.

Dentistry Today Honors Dr. Harvey Silverman Consulting Leader for 2011

Dentistry Today Names Dr. Harvey Silverman as a Consulting Leader for 2011

Dr. Silverman was named a Consulting Leader for 2011 in the United States by Dentistry Today.

Dentistry Today Honors Dr. Harvey Silverman Top Clinician in CE for 2010

Dentistry Today Names Dr. Harvey Silverman as a Top Clinician in CE for 2010

Dr. Silverman honored once again as a Top Clinician for 2010 in the United States by Dentistry Today.

Tooth Whiteners

Dentistry Today Names Dr. Harvey Silverman as a Top Clinician in CE for 2009

Dr. Silverman honored once again as a Top Clinician for 2009 in the United States by Dentistry Today.

Tooth Whiteners

Leaders in Dental Consulting, 2008

In the December, 2008 issue of Dentistry Today, Dr. Harvey Silverman was listed as one of the leaders in dental consulting.


Dr Harvey Silverman Teaching at Dental Schools

Dr. Harvey Silverman has given over 200 national and international presentations to his colleagues. These include teaching post graduate resident students at the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry (above) to sharing new bonding techniques that he developed at the Greater New York Dental Meeting and traveling to many remote locations to present continuing education programs to local dentists there too! Read Letter

Developer of the original dental spa

Developing the Dental Spa Concept

Dr. Harvey Silverman - Developer of the Original Dental Spa

In 1987 Dr. Harvey Silverman opened the countries first dental spa in a beauty and spa setting. Today, dental spas can be seen in cities from New York to LA; however, Dr. Silverman's dental spa in Cleveland was the first dental spa to open in the United States as described in this Dental Management article written in 1988. One features how Dr. Silverman spent seven years researching and developing this novel program. This article also shared his methodology with other dentists in Dental Management, a popular national dental publication. The other article is from American Salon and informed the beauty industry about coming trends in combining dental beauty and facial beauty. It took time, but the trend caught on nationally! And now you know that this beauty development started right here in Cleveland!

Other Pubs

Dr. Harvey Silverman Appearing in Numerous Additional Publications

Other publications and tesimonial letters.

The Silverman Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Silverman White Paper

Dr Silverman In The Dental News

Dr Silverman has been honored once again as the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and CareCredit, two prominent organizations in the dental profession, asked him to write a White Paper to share with his colleagues on how they, too, can create a thriving cosmetic dentistry practice.  This article was published in August, 2010.  Click here to read the article.


Dr. Harvey Silverman Establishes Cosmetic Dental Institute To Train Dentists

In 1988 Dr. Harvey Silverman opened the Institute of Dental Aesthetics in Cleveland since, as the article states (from 1988), "esthetic dentistry is only being utilized to a limited extent". Dentists now had a learning institution where they could come to Cleveland on a year round basis and participate in courses and workshops on how to improve their technical skills for bonding, bleaching and porcelain veneers while developing the necessary cosmetic dentistry management skills. Read Article


Tracking the Impact of the Institute of Dental Aesthetics

In 1989 Dental Management Magazine did a follow up on Dr. Harvey Silverman's training program. Featured in the article was one of today's preeminent dentists who came to Cleveland and learned from Dr. Harvey Silverman how to incorporate cosmetic dentistry into his practice.this is one more example of the role Cleveland has had in changing smiles across America. Read Article

Getting Started

Dr. Harvey Silverman Converts General Dental Offices Into Smile Centers

In this article originally published in July, 1991 in Dental Management, Dr. Harvey Silverman launched a series of technical, marketing and management articles to teach dentists how to transform their general dental practice into contemporary cosmetic dental practices. Read Article


Dr. Harvey Silverman Teaches Dentists How To Educate Patients About Cosmetic Dentistry

In this article, originally published in Dental Management in May, 1987, Dr. Harvey Silverman encouraged his colleagues to think outside of the box and learn how to inform and educate their patients about services that could transform their smile without shots, caps, conventional bridgework or years of orthodontia. Finish Article

Tooth Whiteners

Dr Harvey Silverman Pioneers Cosmetic Dental Coaching Program In 1984

Dr. Harvey Silverman has been brightening smiles in dental offices across the country from Miami to Minneapolis, New York to LA and in the heartland. Read Letters


The Silverman Institute

Since 1982 Dr. Harvey Silverman has given numerous continuing education seminars and onsite consultations to dentists wanting to expand their cosmetic dental practices.This included refining and pioneering many of the bonding and porcelain veneer systems. Dr. Silverman has written numerous articles in dental journals on how to establish a cosmetic dental practice and has served as a contributing and consulting editor in the dental press. Dr. Silverman is honored to be a Fellow in the American Society for Dental Aesthetics and a Diplomat of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry. Read about the Silverman Institute

* EasySmile Veneers are custom made to your teeth at no charge. If you like your new smile and want to have the veneers bonded to your teeth the doctor will discuss the fee to proceed with your work.